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Animations Videos

for companies.

From Startups to Fortune 500 Companies.


We've worked with some of the biggest brands

+10 Years turning ideas into motion.

We were born as a startup, we were young and idealistic. Today, we are a creative studio with +1000 videos created in 5 countries. We’re still dreamers.

“Viflux has created Videos and Animations in 7 countries with great quality and efficiency.”

Nick B.Google | Brand

“They produced +50 animations for internal training. Paula is a very good PM!”

Lorna S.Pepsico | Brand

“For +5 years I have outsourced everything audiovisual with them. Excellent!”

Susan F.Olivia | Agency

“As a startup we need to attract, grow and sell. They offered us low price and great quality.”

Rodrigo M.Fruvery | Startup

Be inspired by our best ANIMATIONS

Bring your story to life through the power of animations. Start creating today or Discover More

Explainer Video 1:26

Explainer videos are short online marketing videos used to explain your company’s product or service. Read More

Icon Explainer Video 1:48

Iconographic video look explains complex contexts through modern and clean infographics. Read More

Whiteboard Video 2:48

Whiteboard videos are the most cost effective animation style and empower simplest form of storytelling. Read More

3D Video 1:12

This type of videos is most common in complex processes, procedures, assembly instructional products, medical, manufacturing industry.Read More

Training Video 3:24

These videos are useful as an induction for staff member or future employees. The project involves several topics of the same theme. Read More

Product Video 1:08

Animations showing app or software, can be screencast with screenshot, 100% animation or mix. Read More

Our Creative Process

6 Steps Process with: Unlimited revisions at each stage, dedicated project manager, all inclusive package, fixed pricing and +10 years working for companies


1. Research

At this stage, we usually ask you about your business needs and objectives

4. Voiceover

Voiceovers in any language. English, Spanish, Chinese, wherever!

2. Scriptwriting

The beauty of animation may be shaded if a script is not good.

5. Animation

Here the static takes on movement; Magic happens.

3. Storyboard

A storyboard is a series of sketches that represent the individual scenes.

6. Sound and Music Effects

Music and sound effects increase the retention rate.

Let’s work together

During business hours, we respond in 30 minutes

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